Toy Reviews – How to Write Helpful Toy Reviews

1. Does The Toy Do What It Says It Should Do?This is pretty straightforward, yet strangely often overlooked. If the packaging is advertising a toy incorrectly, it is not only dangerous, but against the law and should be reported. In your opinion, did the toy do what you thought it would do?2. Is The Toy Suitable For The Age It Advertises?An age guide is exactly that, a guide to what age can use the toy. For the toy review, make sure to include how appropriate this age guide was in regards to your own children.3. Is The Toy Solidly-Constructed or Easily-Broken?If the toy you are reviewing survived your child’s first temper tantrum, then other parents will want to know that. Equally, if parts discoloured quickly with or without water added, if pieces fell off without too much effort, or if the toy smashed on impact when it was thrown across the room in a fit of rage when it was bath-time, these are of the utmost importance. Endurance of toys weighs heavily on a purchase as no parent wants to buy a toy which only lasts one day.4. What Variations/Selections/Options Are There?If the toy comes in different models, colours, shapes, or sizes, this is nice to know particularly as many parents like to purchase blue/red items for boys and pink/purple items for girls. Some toys come with additional options, such as a doll that pees as well as drinks, whereas others have several uses even though it’s not advertised such as cards that can be used for the games of “Snap” as well as “Memory”. Often parents looking to purchase toys online in a hurry may not realise the potential of some of the simpler toys.5. What Are The Extras/Costs Related To The Toy You Are Reviewing?This is probably one of the most important areas – the stuff that no-one tells you about. Knowing if the toy eats batteries so quickly that you need a recharger going 24/7 to support it is definitely helpful. Equally, it’s nice to know beforehand if there are any necessary accessories you have to purchase in order for it to work as this will result in an additional cost. If the accessories are optional, mentioning if you think they are reasonably-priced will also be of assistance.6. Does It Require Assembly?Trikes, bikes, scooters and cars notoriously come in flat toy boxes which makes it impossible to believe there will be no assembly involved – unfortunately. No-one really likes to assemble toys, but it’s a necessary evil, so mentioning it in your review will be very helpful. Include how easy it is to assemble, how long it takes, and if you need help from another person to do so.7. Is It Value For Money?This is quite a personal question, but a good one to mention. Value is construed differently, depending on the purchaser, however, if many parents writing toy reviews feel a toy is overpriced, there may be something for the manufacturer or distributor to consider. Generally, a parent that is happy with the toy will be happy with the price they paid. Value in this sense is how effective the toy was at quietening and entertaining their child – which as we all know, is priceless!8. How Did Your Child React To The Toy?A wonderful toy that is durable yet remains a novelty for only a day or a week is not regarded as a good purchase by most parents. If your child thought the toy under review was wonderful, but only for a day, then this is also worth mentioning along with your thoughts as to why this might be.9. Try To Rate It Out Of 10.Everybody can relate to a number out of 10. Generally, 1-2 means the toy is fairly useless and not worth the money at all; 3-4 not much better than 1-2. 5-6 means the toy has potential, though probably not a good buy if it’s an expensive item, and 7-8 is a good indicator for a stable toy that provides a decent amount of entertainment value.Naturally, 9-10 is what every parent wants their online toy purchase to be: the perfect toy to keep their child entertained and intrigued for hours on end at the very best price available.

Welcome to the World of the Wooden Toys

Are you ready to live your childhood? At least for 5-6 minutes – while you are reading this article. And then for another 5-6 minutes… or hours – while you are playing with your kids and their wooden toys. Believe me, you’ll find the time spent this way fascinating.But what about your kids? Will they like the old fashioned wooden toys in the years of super modern RC toys and PC games? Rest assured, they will. The retro toys are still attractive for the children and the reasons for that are too strong to be thrown into dark by today’s fashion. The toys are simply better for your kids – and I’ll tell you why.Wooden toys help children learn. When playing with them little kids train their fine and gross motor skills, muscles and motion skills. Here I’m talking mostly about the big ride-on toys, toys like pedal cars, horses and so on.Many of the toys go far beyond the physical learning. They involve various mind games that enhance cognitive development in children. Some of the best blocks and board games are made of wood – especially the ones that are intended for little kids. Of course there are plenty of plastic board games too.The wooden mechanical toys are within the most powerful tools for raising children creativity and curiosity. Their mechanisms are usually simple enough to be examined and understood from the children above age of 4-5. And learning happens insensibly while having lots of fun.Wooden toys are generally better than plastic toys. I know many of the functions that these toys offer are included in most plastic and tin toys. But the wooden ones have other advantages:- They are natural and warm. This is probably the first that comes to every parent’s mind when comparing wooden and plastic toys. The wood have a living energy which children can feel.- They are environment friendly. You know plastic pollutes the Earth every day for many years to come. On the other hand wood is just wood – it’s part of the nature and goes back where it came from. And don’t forget that wood is a replenishable material.- They are durable. The quality toys can withstand all kind of rough play and generally last much longer than plastic toys. This is especially valid for mechanical toys that have gears.- Wooden toys keep memories. Chances are you have some of these toys from your parents. Can you tell the same for a plastic toy? Did any of your childhood survived for your kids? Unlikely. On the other hand, wooden ones can turn into a family relic.- Finally, wooden toys offer better value for money – mostly because of their long live and educational value they are usually well worth the money spent on them.So, how to choose wooden toys? That isn’t a rocket science – you can rarely go wrong by buying any toy except if it’s made with bad taste or of low quality. You may prefer handcrafted toys but have in mind that they are usually more expensive. The machine-made wooden toys are still wooden toys and often can’t be distinguished by the handcrafted ones, so don’t get obsessed by this. When possible prefer bigger and simpler toys for little kids and smaller and more complex toys for elder children.Some wooden toys may be painted, but most often they look best when the most parts just have the natural color of the wood. Generally it’s wise to prefer unpainted toys because this reduces the risk to have any unsafe paint used in the toy.